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XITE Cookie Statement – 2023 – USA


Thank you for visiting the XITE website! In this Cookie Statement we provide an explanation on how we collect, store and process cookies and similar technologies from our websites (e.g.,, 

To quickly summarize the text below, we only collect your IP address (anonymously) and your User Agent. The former we use for analytics, and the latter we use to run our websites. This is why we do not have an opt-in or opt-out option on our cookies, however, you can always ask us to delete your data. 

We realize that reading this Cookie Statement is not as exciting as using our websites and services, but it is nonetheless good for you to know how we handle cookies and similar technologies.

Relevant regulations and privacy

Due to new privacy laws such as the GDPR and the CCPA, the use of cookies is becoming more and more restricted. This is because, as per Recital 30 of the GDPR, online identifiers such as an IP Address, can be considered personal data (the definition of personal data is given in Article 4(1) of the GDPR). The bottom line of these laws is that personal data, if collected, places additional responsibilities on the companies that extract it. 

This is why more and more companies are gathering the data in a more privacy conscious manner. This way the online environment becomes more privacy friendly, and companies like XITE can keep delivering their websites to you.

So, how does XITE gather your data and while respecting your privacy? Good question. We answer that in the following paragraphs - but first, we’ll quickly explain what cookies and trackers are.

What are cookies and trackers?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device when you visit a website. A cookie contains information about the browsing history on a website, such as the server’s name that placed the cookie and a unique identification number. 

Cookies are placed for various purposes. For example, they can save and “remember” your actions and preferences for a certain period of time. 

Trackers are pieces of software that record your activity on a site. Embedded in a website, Trackers send information about your activity to the website or third-party that provided the tracking software. 

They can also help to develop and improve services by compiling visitor statistics and percentages and increase the usability of services. With every visit to our website, information like visited web pages and links is automatically collected.

Which cookies and trackers does XITE use?

We use the following types of cookies and trackers for the following reasons:

  • Necessary cookies: to enable features on our websites and to remember your session actions (such as keeping you logged in);
  • Analytical and performance trackers: to track and analyse your usage. The data is gathered anonymously by a third party tool called Matomo (more about Matomo in the following section). 

Via these cookies and trackers, we process the following personal data: IP address (anonymous/fully masked) & User Agent.

We will use this information for the following purposes:

  • to recognize your computer when you visit our websites, which makes it possible for us to measure e.g. the length of your website visit, page visits and the type of web browser that is used;
  • to improve our website’s usability, to analyse the use of our websites.

Third-party trackers

We use Matomo (the same tool that the European Commission uses) for our analytics. Matomo gathers and sends us fully masked IP addresses, meaning, this data is anonymous. It is anonymous because we have no means of linking your masked IP addresses to any other sort of data points.

We need analytics related data so that we can measure our website delivery to you. In other words, the data from Matomo provides insights on how our websites are used. Based on those insights, our websites can be adjusted to make sure they work in an optimal way. Nothing more.

Managing your cookies and opting out

In most browsers, you can check which cookies have been saved and delete individual cookies, block third-party cookies, block cookies from specific websites, block all cookies, delete all cookies by closing the browser. Thus, the easiest way to remove cookies is through the browser. 

As for the opt-out to us using cookies and trackers, there is no opt-out. We only process personal data to run our websites. Thus the User Agent we extract from your browser is being processed only for us to deliver a service and for nothing else.

While the third party tracker tool by Matomo fully masks and thus anonymizes web-visitor data, meaning, you do not have to opt-in for us to use this data.

However, please note that you can at all times ask us to stop processing or delete your data. To do this, please email us at: [email protected].

Legal basis

Now, you might ask, “no opt-in, no opt-out, is this even legal?” - of course it is! We would never do something illegal. O:)

But on a more serious note, according to Recital 47 of the GDPR, a company can process data without the consent of an individual for the legitimate interests of the said individual. We deliver a service to you (our website), and we cannot do it without knowing the parameters of your device. Thus it becomes necessary for us to know your User Agent.

While the IP address is an online identifier too (meaning personal data), we do not collect it directly. It is collected by the Matomo tool, and is given to us in an obfuscated (masked) way. Meaning, although we can see site traffic, we cannot link the traffic to an individual since we do not know their real IP Address. And according to Recital 26 of the GDPR, anonymous data falls outside the scope of the Regulation.

Thus, to summarize, we only process personal data that is necessary for us to deliver the XITE website, while the rest of the data is fully anonymous. 

This is why there is no choice of opt-in or opt-out.

Your Rights

At any time, you can ask us:

  • To access and verify which personal data XITE is processing about you; 
  • To rectify, complete or adjust (if incorrect) your personal data XITE is processing;
  • To remove and erase your personal data (‘right to be forgotten’), whereby XITE for specific (legal) purposes (e.g. tax administration) may still need to process certain personal data of which XITE will inform you;
  • To limit certain processings of your personal data;
  • To object (opt-out) against certain processing of personal data (for e.g. marketing), in which case XITE will cease such processing immediately, unless urgent, specific legitimate grounds for XITE apply to continue processing of which XITE will inform you;
  • To transmit personal data in a commonly used and machine-readable format (‘data portability’).

If you have any questions about your rights or if you want to exercise any of the rights specified above, please send an email to [email protected] or send us a letter at the address set out at the end of this Cookie Statement. 

Aside from that, you may always withdraw your consent for a certain processing of personal data by XITE and file a complaint with the relevant privacy authority if you are of the opinion that XITE does not act in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation.

For more information about the data processing practices, security of data, and your rights, please visit our Privacy Statement.


This Cookie Statement is subject to change, so we advise you to check it regularly. If we intend to make significant changes to how and the purpose for which we process personal data we will first notify you. You can contact us any time for more information about our Cookie Statement and how we collect and use your data on [email protected].


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