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How to find the XITE app on Rogers Ignite TV

Access XITE on Rogers Ignite TV

There are two ways to access XITE on Ignite TV.

1. You can use a voice command to open an app. Say “XITE” (pronounced “excite”) into the Ignite TV voice remote. 

2. Select apps from the main menu and go to the XITE tile. 

3. Highlight XITE and press ‘ok’.

Generic Remote with bg

How to use XITE:

Press ‘ok’ on your Ignite TV remote to bring up the XITE menu. 

From there, you can:

  • 200+ music video channels
  • Your liked videos in Your Likes
  • The For You section with personalized channels
  • The Find & Explore feature, which allows you to search and start a channel of endless content similar to a chosen video
  • The Mixer, to create your own music video mix based on genre, decade and filter
  • Settings, to go create an account or go Premium! With XITE Premium you can enjoy XITE without ads and unlimited skips

The XITE app is also available on:​