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How to find the XITE Streaming Channels on Pluto TV

Access the XITE TV channels on Pluto TV


1. Find the Pluto TV app on your favorite device

2. Download and install the app

3. Open Pluto TV

3. Go to channel 2510, 2540 and 2565 to find XITE 

The XITE streaming TV channels on Pluto TV

XITE classic country channel on Pluto TV
XITE Rock channel on Pluto TV

XITE Classic Country on Pluto TV channel 2510

XITE Rock on Pluto TV channel 2540

 The XITE Classic Country channel offers the best and most memorable Country music video classics from the last five decades – a mix of Country Pop, Country Rock and Alt. Country, and including live & acoustic sessions. 

XITE Rock features everything from the iconic Rock and Metal classics, to today’s boundary redefining future legends and the Alternative scene. 

XITE Gospel on Pluto TV channel 2565

XITE Gospel allows viewers to experience the empowering sights and sounds of the best in contemporary Gospel music videos and live performance over the last 30 years, plus some of the most loved classics as well as Pop and R&B artists that occasionally dive into this genre.

Would you like to try the XITE interactive TV app? You can find it on: