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How to find the Vevo, powered by XITE app on Samsung TV

Access Vevo, powered by XITE on Samsung TV

On Samsung TV, we have a partnership with music video platform Vevo. You can find us at the Vevo tile on Samsung Smart TV’s from 2015 onwards in the UK and Ireland. 

1. From the TV’s home screen, navigate to apps.

2. Select ‘apps’.

3. Select the search icon in the top right corner. 

4. Enter XITE and select it. You will see detailed information about the app.

5. Select ‘install’. 

XITE on Samsung TV plus UI

How to use Vevo, Powered by XITE:

Press ‘ok’ on your remote to bring up the XITE menu. There you can find:

  • 200+ music video channels
  • Your liked videos in Your Likes
  • The For You section with personalized channels
  • The Find & Explore feature, which allows you to search and start a channel of endless content similar to a chosen video
  • The Mixer, to create your own music video mix based on genre, decade and filter

The XITE app is also available on: