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How to find XITE on Samsung TV plus

Access the XITE Streaming TV channels on Samsung TV plus


On the Samsung TV plus, you can find XITE Rock on, XITE Just Chill, XITE 80s Flashback and XITE 90s Throwback. 

1. Open your Samsung TV

2. Navigate to the Samsung TV plus icon

3. Select the icon

4. Go to channel 1503 and 1504 to find the XITE channels 

XITE on Samsung TV plus UI

The XITE streaming TV channels on Samsung TV plus

XITE Samsung TV Plus 80s Flashback Channel
XITE Samsung TV plus channel 90s throwback

XITE 80 Flashback – Channel 1501

XITE 90s Throwback – Channel 1502

Get a dose of nostalgia from the decade when music videos came into our living rooms, and iconic moments stayed with us ever since. From the totally radical hits, to the cult classic deep cuts, get ready for the ultimate 80s Flashback.

 Throwback to the days of flannel shits, hella bling, boy and girl bands and genre bending crossovers. From Grunge, Britpop, Dance Pop, the ”golden era” of R&B, Hip-Hop and everything in between – it’s all that and a 90s Throwback.

XITE Samsung TV plus channel Rock On
XITE just chill channel on Samsung TV Plus

XITE Rock On – Channel 1503

XITE Just Chill – Channel 1504

See the best Rock and Metal music videos, 24/7, on XITE’s Rock On channel. From the iconic classics to today’s boundary redefining future legends. Come you wild at heart, unite, and rock on. 

Plus each weeknight (at 10:PM Eastern and 7:PM Pacific) we give you a special 1 hour theme block of programming. Check out the programming here. 

Take a moment to unwind with these laidback music videos, intimate live performance and acoustic sessions – sit back and just chill. 

On Thursday nights we’ll bring you Mellow Hip-Hop. Meditate and regulate what’s on your mind with these chill Hip Hop vibes.

Would you like to try the XITE interactive TV app? You can find it on: