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For artists, labels & distributors

XITE is purely a music video platform and does not host audio-only content.

Music videos on XITE are delivered by record labels and distributors that have licensing deals with XITE.

XITE can receive music videos from independent artists via the following independent artist distribution companies:

Symphonic Distribution

When additional distribution options are made available, they will be added here.

XITE is currently working to add additional independent distribution options. Unfortunately, not all independent artist distributors that offer audio distribution also offer music video distribution services.

Yes, independent artists can use different distributors for their audio and video distribution. If you wish to do this, please communicate this directly to your distributor.

Interested record label and distribution representatives should fill out this form with all the requested information. If XITE is able to license music videos from your company, we will reach out after submission of the form.

Please note that XITE is only able to do direct licensing deals with labels and distributors that have a moderate to large music video catalogue. Independent labels with a small music video catalogue may distribute music videos to XITE via one of XITE’s independent label distribution partners.

XITE can receive music videos from independent labels via the following label distribution companies:

To notify XITE of an infringement claim relating to music videos, and accompanying artwork on the XITE service, please send us a message to [email protected].