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Stream to Regreen with XITE and Don Diablo!

Producer and DJ Don Diablo and Ty Dolla $ign partnered up with Justdiggit to cool down and regreen the earth.

With their new music video ‘Too Much To Ask’, for every 25 streams of the song Justdiggit will regreen one square meter of land in Africa! Since the single was released it has already reached 6,5 million streams, meaning 260,000 square meters of restored land.

Do you want to help Regreen the planet?
Check out the Stream to Regreen channel in the XITE app and spread the positivity by joining XITE and Justdiggit to cool down the earth.

About Justdiggit

Justdiggit is on a mission to cool down the planet by regreening dry land in Africa. Justdiggit’s restoration projects have a positive impact on climate, nature, and people. To date Justdiggit has restored 60.000 hectares of degraded land and brought back 8 million trees in the past 4 years.The coming ten years are crucial to change our narrative. This is the Decade of Doing. Dig in. Learn more about Justdiggit.