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How to find the Vevo, powered by XITE app on Apple TV

Access Vevo, powered by XITE on Apple TV

On Apple TV, we have a partnership with music video platform Vevo. You can find us at the Vevo tile. 

1. Go to the app store on your Apple TV.

2. Go to the search button.

3. Search for Vevo. 

4. Click on the Vevo tile.

5. Click on the ‘get’ button to install the app.

App tile vevo
Apple tv remote with background

How to use Vevo, Powered by XITE.

Press the center of the touch surface to open the menu.

From there, you can:

  •  Find up to 100 themed channels
  • Watch your liked videos in Your Likes
  • Create your perfect mix with the Mixer, by selecting a genre, decade and filter
  • Search
  • Go to the settings page to login or go Premium

The XITE app is also available on: