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Kickstart: Michael Marcagi

Meet Michael Marcagi, the Cincinnati singer-songwriter whose captivating blend of folk and rock has captured hearts far and wide. This month, he’s the XITE Kickstart, shining a spotlight on his remarkable talent.


Growing up, Michael played and sang in rock bands and always struggled to envision himself as a solo artist. Yet, his unwavering desire to share his introspective acoustic compositions, spurred him to take a leap of faith. So he went to upstate New York to work with producer David Baron, who is known for his work with Lana Del Rey, The Lumineers, and Shania Twain. They brought together a talented ensemble of musicians to enhance Michael’s sincere guitar and vocal deliveries.

Together they recorded various songs, including his official solo debut single called The Other Side, which is a depiction of the claustrobophia of small-town life but also his cinematic tribute to taking a leap of faith.

Scared to Start

At the outset of February this year, he marked a significant milestone in his musical journey by unveiling his debut EP, American Romance. This collection of songs delves deep into the human experience, blending authentic storytelling with themes of sadness, frustration, and ennui. Among the tracks featured on the EP is the standout single, Scared To Start. Accompanying this release was a compelling music video, with which he became the XITE Kickstart of May.