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Kickstart: No Guidnce

In the heart of London, where the city’s pulse beats with rhythm and melody, four voices converged to form a harmonious blend unlike any other. Ebubé. Zeekay, Kaci and Josh, each with their own story to tell, found themselves drawn together by a shared passion for music.

About No Guidnce

Their journey began in 2021, recording themselves singing covers of their favorite songs and posting them on TikTok. Their raw talent and authentic approach resonated with viewers propelling them into the spotlight and gaining a loyal following along the way. It wasn't long before their voices caught the attention of industry insiders, who recognized the potential of this emerging quartet.

In June 2023, No Guidnce released their first EP Is It A Crime? containing four soul-stirring tracks, including their breakout hit of the same name. That summer marked a milestone for the group, as their first ever headline shows in the US and the UK were both sold out. The group also supported Mahalia’s sold out UK and Europe ‘IRL’ tour in Autumn 2023.

Fueled by their success, No Guidnce continued to push the boundaries of their artistry, collaborating with renowned producers and infusing their music with a modern twist. Drawing inspiration from the classics while carving out their own unique sound, they breathed new life into the R&B genre, captivating listeners with their infectious rhythms and soulful melodies.

Is It A Crime?

No Guidnce successful single Is It A Crime was written by the Grammy winning producer and artist/songwriters Akeel Henry and Victoria Monét. The accompanying music video marks a beautiful full circle moment for the quartet, as it takes place in a parking lot, where it all began for them. With this music video No Guidnce is this month’s XITE Kickstart!