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Kickstart: The Last Dinner Party

Meet The Last Dinner Party, the first XITE Kickstart of 2024. Renowned for their unique baroque-pop sound, this band draws inspiration from the romantic, the grotesque, and the gothic.


The band's history traces back to 2020 when Abigail Morris, Georgia Davies, and Lizzie Mayland formed the group. The addition of guitarist Emily Roberts and keyboardist Aurora Nishevci completed the ensemble. In November 2021, they debuted live and quickly gained name recognition. A year later they played as the opening act for The Rolling Stones

After that, The Last Dinner Party secured a deal with Island Records. Their debut single Nothing Matters dropped in April 2023, earning a spot on the EA Sports FC 24 soundtrack. The summer of 2023 saw the band supporting Florence + the Machine, gracing stages at renowned festivals like Glastonbury and Latitude, and receiving an invitation to perform a live session on BBC Radio 6 Music's New Music Fix Friday.

The Last Dinner Party's music and live shows have been hailed for their distinctive baroque-pop sound and look. Their style has drawn comparisons to iconic acts like Kate Bush, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sparks, and Warpaint. As they continue to carve their path in the indie rock landscape, The Last Dinner Party stands poised for a thrilling musical journey ahead.

My Lady of Mercy

The band's success continues to thrive with the release of five singles, including My Lady of Mercy which is about being a girl, the band explained. ‘A girl looking up at a painting of Joan of Arc for the first time and thinking that she looks so brave and so beautiful that she wants to kiss her. And maybe she also wants to kiss the girl who stands next to her in the school choir.’

The accompanying music video was directed by Harv Frost and Dora Paphide and with that video, The Last Dinner party is the XITE Kickstart of this month!

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