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Nine new XITE channels on Samsung TV Plus!

Calling all music video lovers! XITE is thrilled to announce an expansion of the channel lineup on Samsung TV Plus, introducing nine new channels that will give you an even richer music video experience!

XITE now offers a grand total of thirteen music video streaming channels on Samsung TV Plus, ensuring you an unmatched variety of musical genres and artists at your fingertips. Each channel is refreshed daily, which means you'll have a daily dose of new and exhilarating music videos to enjoy. And to cater to your diverse musical preferences, we offer the latest hits, timeless classics, and emerging talents, so you can always find the perfect soundtrack to your day.

Along with this additional array of new FAST channels, XITE is also partnering with Samsung TV Plus to create a new dedicated music destination where fans can easily discover and enjoy songs and artists spanning over 200 playlists.

Read more about the new channels below and discover how to find these streaming channels on your Samsung TV Plus here

XITE Celebrates (4310) - New
This channel will highlight timely content throughout the year based on events, cultural celebrations, pop culture moments, seasons, and holidays.

XITE 80s Flashback (4313)
Get a dose of nostalgia from the decade when music videos came into our living rooms, and iconic moments stayed with us ever since.

XITE 90s Throwback (4318)
Throwback to the days of flannel shirts, hella bling, boy bands/girl groups and genre bending crossovers.

XITE Hits (4323) - New
Your go-to source for the latest and greatest hits.

XITE Country Today (4328) - New
Enjoy the best country hits of the modern era.

XITE Country’s Finest (4333) - New
A musical journey through the greatest country hits ever made.

XITE Nuevo Latino (4338) - New
Discover the hottest Latin sounds of today.

XITE Siempre Latino (4343) - New
Step into the vibrant world of Latin music, from classics to contemporary beats, with a channel that's a musical time machine.

XITE R&B Classic Jams (4348) - New
Immerse yourself in the sultry world of classic R&B.

XITE Rock On (4353)
Rock and Metal videos from the iconic classics to todays boundary redefining future legends.

XITE Icons (4358) - New
A nostalgic journey through iconic music videos, paying tribute to legendary artists.

XITE Just Chill (4363)
Take a moment to unwind with these laidback music videos, intimate live performance and acoustic sessions.

XITE Only Love (4368) - New
Set a romantic mood with heartwarming love songs and videos.