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Now on Fire TV Channels: XITE streaming channels!

Get ready to redefine your music video experience! We’re excited to share the news that we have launched 21 music video streaming channels on the Fire TV Channels app on Amazon Fire TV.

Pick your vibe, sit back and let the music take over! With a diverse range of genres and themes, the XITE streaming channels are your ticket to a soundtrack for every mood, every day. No two days are the same, as each music video channel is updated daily, ensuring you receive fresh content at all times!

Read more about the channels below and discover how to find them on your Amazon Fire TV here.

An eclectic music video mix of genres and styles featuring current and classic hits.

XITE Icons
The most influential artists and music videos of all time.

XITE Country Today
The best music videos by the chart-topping modern voices in Country music.

XITE Country’s Finest
The most memorable Country music videos of all time.

XITE Rap Game
The hottest Hip-Hop music videos driving the culture and breaking records.

XITE Hip-Hop Evolution
Iconic Hip-Hop music videos from the pioneers up to today's biggest stars.

XITE Nuevo Latino
The Latin music videos that have been burning up charts around the world.

XITE Siempre Latino
A multi-decade music video mix across the Latin music spectrum.

XITE R&B Feels
Vibe out to these soulful R&B music videos of the last few years.

XITE R&B Classic Jams
Indulge in this collection of timeless R&B music videos over the decades.

XITE Ultimate Alt/Indie
Music videos from the alternative underground to the indie breakthrough artists.

XITE 60s & 70s Groove
An eclectic mix of classic music videos by artists who changed the face of music.

XITE 00s Heroes
Relive the turn of the century with some of the greatest music videos from the 2000s.

XITE 10s Rewind
Rewind through this not-so-distant decade with the most popular 2010s music videos.

XITE Party Time
These music videos will help you kick your party off and keep it going strong.

XITE Only Love
A multi-genre channel of the best love song music videos of all time.

XITE Seasonal
A rotating music video collection focussed on seasons, holidays, cultural events and more.

XITE 80s Flashback
From totally radical hits to cult classics, these are the best music videos of the 80s.

XITE 90s Throwback
From Grunge to the 'golden era' of R&B, these are the finest music videos from the 90s.

XITE Rock On 
Rock and Metal music videos from the iconic classics to today’s future legends.

XITE Just Chill
Unwind with these laid-back music videos, live performance and acoustic sessions.